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''Rock Star'' Wednesday

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 16, 2006

Well, we finally got to hear a Supernova song, called ''Leave the Lights On,'' and I get why Tommy Lee invoked T.Rex when describing the band's sound to me. Liked the tune, too.  Dilana got to sing it, and fit in seamlessly with the band. In fact, while the show was careful to bill the performance as ''Supernova Featuring Dilana'' -- to make clear the lead singer isn't finally set -- she was so good, the guys better be ready for a day when the billing is more like ''Dilana and Supernova.''

Dilana's singing with the band seemed to guarantee she wouldn't get the encore, too, and she didn't. That went to Ryan, so we got another play of his ''In the Air Tonight.'' Authoritative, the string section cooked, he notched it up from the Tuesday telecast -- and I'm still not enthralled.

Bottom three contenders: Zayra, Patrice, Toby, Storm and Magni. Magni? Maybe there was white-suit backlash. (See my post below for what I thought of last night's telecast.)

Zayra is the first official three-bot. She performs ''Razor Blade'' by Blue October. Somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds in, I am praying for her to get kicked off.

Patrice next. ''Celebrity Skin.'' Tired of the song, and I still question her range, but I've got goosebumps by the time she's done. This is a real nothing-left-to-lose performance. Beats the daylights out of Lukas's earlier version.

Magni. Gotta be the suit. And, making this a we-aren't-as-bad-as-Lukas night, he goes with ''Creep.'' Holy mighty crap. Lukas should be very, very afraid.

If these guys keep Zayra after what Magni and Patrice have done, then (a) they don't care who wins or (b) they've already decided on one of the others -- probably Dilana -- and are keeping people around simply for non-musical entertainment value.

Zayra gets bounced. There is some order in the ''Rock Star'' universe.

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