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''Rock Star'' Wednesday (Written While Telecast in Progress)

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 30, 2006

Things seem right for a multiple elimination tonight -- so many contestants, so few weeks left. And midway through the show we've had a surprise of sorts: Everyone except Magni has been ''at risk'' in the vote.

Before that announcement, we got Lukas singing with Supernova on a new song that had me making a list of combinations I would go see before Lukas with Supernova. There were many, including in reverse order of importance:

6. Lukas with the House Band.

5. Toby with the House Band.

4. Magni with the House Band.

3. Storm with the House Band.

2. Dilana with Supernova.

1. Dilana with the House Band.

Toby, by the way, got the encore.

Ryan's the first one in the bottom three. He opts for ''Baba O'Riley.'' Horribly, horribly so.

Storm's next in the bottom three. She's making it seem OK, taking the chance to sing again. "Helter Skelter'' is the tune. Marvelous is the performance. I am ready to change my list.

3. Dilana with Supernova.

1 (tie). Dilana or Storm with the House Band.

But I'm getting a bad feeling about Dilana's fate...

And yes, she is in the bottom three. Does ''Psycho Killer'' for her song. Probably the worst I have ever heard from her.

But they can't take her down on musicianship overall. I'm imagining a speech from the guys about her not being a team player to rationalize her rejection...

Whew. It's Ryan. And only Ryan.

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