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''Rock Star'': What You Missed

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 19, 2006

As I mentioned, I was in the studio when they taped tonight's telecast of ''Rock Star'' and it ran much longer than the version you see on TV. Some of the things taken out:

-- Disses of Bon Jovi and Taylor Hicks following Dana's performance. (If my notes are still legible, Dave Navarro told Dana that ''Taylor Hicks would be your janitor.'')

-- The deliberately provocative Storm's dancing during the breaks.

-- The contestants being taped before the show in poses suggesting they were listening to an act, for editing into the show later.

-- Repeated reminders to the audience to show a lot of energy at some points, and ''polite applause'' at others.

-- Almost everything Jason Newsted had to say about the performers. Newsted declines to give sound bites (while Tommy Lee and Navarro frequently offer bites), preferring instead to talk at length about how he felt about the acts and about suggestions he had. This was great to listen to in the studio (and I'd like to see it on a DVD of the show). But with a taping that runs about twice as long as the telecast, and the performances remaining intact, Newsted got sliced in the editing.

-- Reprises of one of Brooke's introductions and of Tommy's ''cat fight'' comments. (And Tommy redid it almost exactly the way he did the first time.)

-- Significant amounts of swearing.

On the other hand, sitting at home you had much better sound than I heard in the studio. Along with other visiting TV critics, I was sitting way in the back, behind the sound board (not least so that the show did not risk catching someone as old and uncool as me on camera). The band sounded great (as it did on TV), but it overpowered the vocals a lot of the time. The muddier sound made Zayra, Jenny, Dana and Toby sound better in the hall than on TV, while Jill impressed me more on TV. Lukas was too much of a shouter in both places, Josh was boring either way, Ryan's just not interesting, Patrice was equally OK. The band seemed to overpower Magni even more on TV than it did in the studio, which is fine by me; I like the band a lot more than I do Magni.

Dilana, my current fave, also seemed more impressive in the studio. Her singing still pleased, but there were a lot of odd, sideline camera angles on TV that made her performance look clumsier than it did when I was looking straight ahead at her in the studio.

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