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Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!

By RD Heldenfels Published: December 10, 2006

       You should be able to find my reviews of ''Apocalypto'' and ''Blood Diamond'' on The ''Apocalypto'' review came out all right, I thought, although some readers didn't appreciate one example of my sense of humor. I wish I had another crack at the ''Blood Diamond'' piece; I had to write it on the run because I had forgotten when it was opening, and the review could have used a little more work. I'm still not hugely enthused about the movie, but I probably could have explained myself better.

       Another reason for rushing ''Blood Diamond'' was that I had to get to a screening of ''Rocky Balboa.'' I will admit here and now that I am stuck on ''Rocky'' movies. I am aware of their many flaws, but I have watched every one many times, even the bad ones. (My ranking of the first five, in descending order: I, 3, 2, 5, 4.) I am also aware of flaws in ''Rocky Balboa,'' including a somewhat flabby midsection, but I still had a terrific time. Stallone has finally gotten back to what made the first ''Rocky'' so good -- as well as offering a rumination on his own later career.

      The movie screenings, the keeping up of the HeldenFiles, some personal business and the onset of the holiday season have all kept me from watching a lot of TV.

     Caught last week's ''Nip/Tuck'' and realized why I had drifted away in the middle of the current season; too often, it just isn't that interesting, especially when it keeps going over the same emotional ground with Sean, Christian or both. And, even on a show this wildly melodramatic, the surprise appearance at the end of the episode was more of an ''Oh, come on!'' than an ''Oh!''

    Kept up with ''Survivor,'' without much enthusiasm. Wasn't it long past time for Jonathan to go? Enjoyed ''30 Rock'' and that may have been a good episode for wooing new viewers; heard from some friends who hadn't watched the show before, and who liked the episode. Of course, the best moment -- Alec Baldwin's explaining his tuxedo -- was spoiled by the promos.

  ''Gilmore Girls'' is still a habit. Sometimes I wonder why, especially when I am watching it, but later on, something will stick to the ribs. Loved Emily's speech to Lorelai about marriage. Loved Lorelai's struggle with compromise, which makes perfect sense in that relationship, although I wish Christopher did more than get pouty about it. Am not thrilled with the Luke-Anna-April story, partly because I hate Anna (whose shrilless is tiresome), partly because Luke has been such a lox about the whole thing.

   ''Amazing Race'' had to wait until we got back from a Christmas concert at church tonight. Missed a chunk of it because the DVR malfunctioned (again). But what I saw was enjoyable enough. Best line: ''I'm giving them dodge.''

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