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Rosie Rows Off

By admin Published: April 25, 2007

I've written a brief report for my newspaper's Web site about Rosie O'Donnell leaving the view, and a longer one for tomorrow's Beacon Journal, and, well, I'm nearly typed out on this one.

But not quite. Let me just admit that I've watched "The View" more in the past nine months than I did in several years preceding.

That every time Donald Trump called her "a slob" and worse, I liked her all the more; Trump was trying to sound smug on Fox News today, but he clearly was the loser in the Rosie fight.

Yes, she could say some absolutely demented things, but that was part of the reason for watching. You didn't know what Rosie might say, and how anyone might react. She was great television.

To be sure, she was also the kind of television that can get tiresome over a series of years -- and that's probably why she said on the air today that she wanted to keep her contract a year at a time.

Being a guest co-host may work very well for her; she can come in, shake the rafters and move on, until the rafters need shaking again.

And when she's not there, I'll just take the advice in her farewell statement and stop by

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