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Rounding Third and Headed for Home ...

By admin Published: July 29, 2008

is, of course, Chuck Berry's brown-eyed handsome man. And me. Heading back to Akron this afternoon.

For the last week I've spent most of my time moving, in Firesign Theatre's phrase, forward into the past. Boxes of books, notebooks, memories -- things I have mentioned here, and some things I haven't yet. You want a taste of history, take a look at a Texas A&M yearbook from 1916.

Have journeyed backward with people, too, seeing my mother's friends of many years standing. It has not only been good to catch up on their lives, it has been inspiring. In their eighties, these folks have the occasional physical limitation but still live with vigor, enthusiasm and good cheer. Many have endured heartache and loss, but their spirit and their faith keep them going strong. They know the past but still look to the future.

In my late fifties, I feel the loss of youth plenty of times. Sitting in a medical waiting room yesterday while my mother was getting checked (and proved to be very well), I was flipping through a copy of Spin and recognizing how little I know about contemporary music. (OK, I knew Paul Weller -- who gave a nice nod to the Black Keys, by the way -- and am aware of Zooey Deschanel as an actress.) But I have been reminded that there are plenty of good years yet to be had, plenty of time to enjoy.

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