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Runnin' and Funnin', Sort Of

By admin Published: February 17, 2009

Have been trying to prep for the Oscars Sunday, so part of this afternoon was spent seeing "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and tonight should include "The Reader." (Feel free to suggest anything you think was worth seeing, or worth more nominations than it got. I have seen the other three best-pic nominees.)

Will elaborate on "Button" later, but have already answered the key question from Sepinwall: Is it better than "The Dark Knight" or "WALL-E"? Answer: No. But I am trying to move on. Still, as good as parts of "Button" are, I kept seeing places I would have trimmed it -- if not entire scenes, then at least parts of entire scenes. It was based on a short story, after all.

I expect to be late posting about "American Idol" if I even get to it tonight. And not sure when I will share thoughts about "The Closer," "House" or last week's "CSI." But hey, I've seen a couple of new episodes of "Reaper" and that made me basically happy. More about that later, too.

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