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Running Down the Road, Trying to Loosen My Load: "SNL," "FNL," "Earl," "House"

By admin Published: November 5, 2007

I was in Pennsylvania the better part of Saturday and Sunday, far from my DVRs. And today I have two movie screenings and an interview. So some brief notes here, for possible elaboration later ...

Good "Saturday Night Live." Uneven, of course, but Brian Williams was a game host. Especially liked the CW-high-school-drama sketch. Also "Bronx Beat," but mostly to watch Poehler and Rudolph play.

"Friday Night Lights." The stuff with Coach and Tami was great. Saracen's finally telling Julie how he felt, also good. But Street's epiphany felt false, and there was a sense that, after that, we are back to the beginning of the first season, with the three people dancing around each other, figuratively as well as literally. Looked more like an attempt to get away from a bad storyline.

As talking us back to the beginning, Landry's back in a state of misery, Yes, the Tyra dump was marvelously played, but it's still rooted in the killing, and I still wish they would just make that go away. Also, I don't buy Landry becoming a Texas football hero, but I could accept it in the context of the Tyra dump if it wasn't based in the doggone killing.

"House." Enjoyed guest star Frank Whaley's playing bits of the different characters, and not a bad episode overall. The dynamics are falling into place.

"Earl," good pieces but not a great hour. Too stretched out in spots, even if it was fun seeing all of the supporting characters five years ago -- and good moves by the guest cops.

I still have some of last week's "Pushing Daisies" to get through, and we somehow managed to forget that "The Amazing Race" was back. And, in the middle of this catchup, I wondered if I should have saved some things, in case writers-strike reruns kick in soon. Oh, well...

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