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Salute Your Digital Shorts and Other Weekending

By admin Published: January 22, 2007

Here's how I watch ''Saturday Night Live" these days: Record it because I don't stay up late. Watch the opening sketch. If it's good, keep watching until it isn't, then fast-forward. If the opening is bad, watch a little more but with a finger on the fast-forward button, ready for action. Skip the musical guests. Eventually get bored (the show is still uneven) and start trolling for the week's Digital Short.

Stop and watch the digital short.

They're not all good. In fact, Saturday's was quite dull. But I hold out the hope of a ''Lazy Sunday" or the "Box" song or something that I will be telling people about for days afterward. Not even the news update can generate such optimism.

And, when it's not good, I figure the whole show is lost. Like Saturday.

Other weekend viewing: The bride was feeling poorly, I was feeling weary, and we spent a lot of time resting. During one of her rests, she watched "What Women Want." I was amused by all the TV people in it, many in small roles, including "Studio 60's" Sarah Paulson and "House's" Lisa Edelstein.

Sunday was for chores, more rest and football. Especially football. Especially the second game. When New England went ahead 21-3, we started some channel-flipping and settled into "Grease: You're the One That I Want." Not that I'm crazy about the show -- it feels very much like American Idol Lite -- but because Ashley Spencer is local and I need to keep an eye on her progress (which, as of Sunday, has taken her to the final 12). I didn't give up football entirely during that hour -- I checked the halftime score on my laptop -- but by the time we got back to the game, Indianapolis had tied it. And from there on, it was thoroughly watchable, with a satisfying finish. (I am SO tired of the Patriots and Tom Brady.)

And so into Monday, which I try to make a light day, so I spent part of the morning finishing the book of "Flags of Our Fathers." I knew it would be emotional. I very much admire the Eastwood movie. But I was still surprised to find myself wiping away tears during the latter parts of the book. Great story.

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