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Saturday Morning, Friday and Thursday Nights

By admin Published: October 20, 2007

Anyone care to comment on last night's "Friday Night Lights"? Are we in better territory than at the start of the season, or worse?

As for Thursday, was that the worst "Office" episode ever or what?

Also, in case you missed them, you can link here to my reviews of "Things We Lost in the Fire" and "Gone Baby Gone."

Getting back to "The Office," it was draggy, overly somber, redeemed only by Jim's look in the stairwell as he told Dwight about his feelings for Pam. And part of a not-great night overall. Best part of "My Name Is Earl" was "Respect the Meat" (which has been available for re-viewing over at, but the other stunt beats were only so-so. "30 Rock" started well (liked Tracy's happy "I'm whipped" speech) but floundered; nothing really for Steve Buscemi to do, and no matter how hard and well he performed, Baldwin couldn't save the cookie-jar story.

So is it just me, or was that a really blah round of comedies?

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