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"Saturday Night Live": Merry Christmas; Amy, Come Back!

By admin Published: December 14, 2008

I expected good things with Hugh Laurie hosting; he has done a lot of sketch comedy and he's a very funny guy. But the best moments in an uneven but frequently funny show came from the ensemble. Above, Fred Armisen's bit as governor of New York, which was tasteless, dumb and hysterically funny, especially when the show kept it going during other parts of "Weekend Update," including during Amy Poehler's farewell.(UPDATE: After letting the sketch be embedded on Sunday, Hull is not doing so now. Could the governor's complaint have something to do with it?)

Speaking of which, the second funniest thing on the show was "Bronx Beat," with Poehler and visiting-again Maya Rudolph reprising their characters interviewing a local butcher played by Laurie. Now, the sexy-British-accent has been done elsewhere, including in "Love Actually," about which more in a moment. But Poehler and Rudolph took it to wonderful extremes, and you could see Laurie grinning and grabbing his nose to keep from cracking up when they start in about the rump and tongue. (I would post the clip but did not find it on or Hulu.)

Anyway, Poehler and Rudolph were hilarious, and Poehler was her usual solid self during her last "Weekend Update." Am missing her something fierce. I may have to go find her Sarah Palin rap just to get me through the holidays.

As for "Love Actually," the third-best Christmas movie of all time, the bride and I have had our first viewing of the holiday season, which we stretched out over several nights until we got near the end and lingered over all the various plot resolutions. Yes, it's a regular feature of this blog but there are still people out there who have not seen it. If you are one of those and over 18, get with it!

Sorry, by the way, that I haven't posted for a bit. Had my final test on Friday and then a bunch of chores. But I have caught up with "30 Rock," "The Office" and "CSI" and will post about them at some point. And am curious about tonight's "Survivor" season finale.

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