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"Saturday Night Live" Season Finale

By admin Published: May 17, 2009

First, the latest in a series of explanations about some different posts on here. Both the "True Blood" post (actually my DVD column for the week) and the Ted Henry are links to stories I wrote for the print Beacon Journal and carried on Click on the header to link to the story.

As for "SNL," it didn't rank with Justin Timberlake (as host and/or as frequent guest) or Jon Hamm. While Will Ferrell can be funny, he misjudges at times (the ABA movie, for one thing, and the trailers for "Land of the Lost" are horrible). ...

Tonight tried to lean on some of his standards and the vibe of his "SNL" era -- W, Alex Trebek the Wade Blasingame ad (which I don't remember but looked old, if very funny), visits from Norm Macdonald and Maya Rudolph, more Darrell Hammond than I remember seeing in a while. It also loaded up on star power: Tom Hanks, Anne Hathaway, Amy Poehler, Artie Lange. And I admit to laughing at the "Jeopardy" sketch in its silliness. And to absolute happiness at Poehler back on the Weekend Update set.

But the "dramatic monologue" was like an Andy Kaufman bit, and not a very good one. "Goodnight Saigon" functioned mainly as an excuse to get all the cast and guests onstage. And come on, parodies of "Lawrence Welk" and Harry Caray? Which decade is this again? The funeral-speakers sketch was a gimmick they have tried before, and it goes on too long, with almost no laughs. As far as I'm concerned, the season ended with Timberlake, and this was some kind of freshly made rerun.

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