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"Saturday Night Live" (Updated)

By admin Published: November 16, 2008

I'm a fan of Paul Rudd but let's face it: Justin Timberlake saved the day last night. Couple of good-ish sketches before him; one good laugh in the guys-in-the-car sketch, and I liked the Rudd-Kristen Wiig "Ode to Billie Joe" parody. And Seth Meyers did very well with the armless-thief jokes. But JT had the very funny "SNL" synopsis, above, as well as giving full attention to the Beyonce dancers sketch. In fact, at the end of this one, the episode JT describes sounded a lot better.

Addendum: After seeing some talk about it over at Sepinwall's blog, I checked the end of the video embedded above and, sure enough, it cuts off before JT's final, triumphant song on the "Weekend Update" desk. Obviously, NBC didn't nail down all the rights to the song. As long as it's available, here's a YouTube link with the "SexyBack" finish:

And I love the suggestion below about Tim McGraw and Turkeyville...

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