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"Saturday Night Live": Very Thin

By admin Published: April 5, 2009

I can't blame the trimmed-down Seth Rogen for all the failings of "Saturday Night Live," which is quite capable of being bad without him. But I do wonder if he has greatly over-extended himself -- and if the jokes about people confusing "Observe and Report" with "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" were in fact some whistling past the graveyard. Saw "Blart" last night, and it isn't good. (When in doubt, fat joke.) But it had some giggles here and there, it made major money and Rogen definitely looks as if he is getting to the party late. I'll let you know if the movie is any good after I see it later this week.

Past that, it was a stumbling "SNL," dotted with giggles within sketches but even those sketches ambled to nowhere. The one above is an example. Some funny parts but no one seems to know how to build to a big payoff or to write an ending. And the funny parts in the show overall were not that frequent. Ho-hum Digital Short. Angelina/Madonna bit in "Weekend Update" that had possibilities but still ended up flat. I laugh at Jean K. Jean, but that's me and I don't expect anyone else to join in.

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