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Saturday Notebook

By admin Published: October 17, 2009

After getting through the grocery shopping and a few other things, the wearying previous week and the damp weather caught up with the bride and me. Quiet afternoon indoors, with some pizza and a lot of football, including two local losses -- Ohio State to Purdue, and Akron to Buffalo -- and the thrill-packed ending to the USC-Notre Dame game. Also, some reading of Edith Wharton, "The House of Mirth," which is for a class but quite enjoyable.

Have also been catching up on some viewing in recent days, including "Lie to Me," "The Good Wife," "Bones" and three previous episodes of "House," which I had been letting pile up. Some notes after the jump.

I had not seen a "House" episode since the season premiere, so I came anew to his reunion with the team, and to what appears to be quite a little casting purge -- shedding the remains of the new team and refocusing on the old team. Can't say I object, either. The dynamics, especially of having Foreman as the leader, have been more than entertaining, and Hugh Laurie is bringing his skill to fresh ground in House's reformed (albeit still obnoxious) self. I am concerned that killing the dictator (ably played by James Earl Jones) is a swamp from which they can't escape just through tidied-up paperwork. But the show feels comfortable and confident, and I am enjoying it.

"The Good Wife," which I like but don't love, intrigued me just enough with the maneuvering around the jailed ex-husband -- especially with the casting of Joe Morton, who is very well playing the notes of nice guy/not-to-be-trusted guy with a seeming openness which makes me all the more suspicious of him. I am still not sold on the court cases, although the medical lawsuit had some decent twists and a satisfying ending, both in who was doing the bribing and how the firm handled it.

"Lie to Me" was a lot of fun with the scenes where Lightman spied on his office (and turned on the sprinklers). I liked the use of the father-daughter relationship within the episode, and am happy that it did not get all Nancy Drew. On the other hand, the twin investigations seemed very linear, a straight line of people all too willing to confess their errors on the way to resolution.

"Bones" entertainingly let Emily Deschanel play some different emotions by having Brennan get all giddy. But here's my question: Was she giddy purely because of the ancient-artifacts, or because she was getting a little heated up by her attraction to Booth's boss? Also, why do they insistent on having such an awful look for Carla Gallo?

Finally, it is nice to be cleaning out the DVRs, especially with a new week around the corner. And I expect to be reducing the amount of stuff recorded; the fact that I haven't felt any great urge to watch either "Grey's Anatomy" or "Private Practice" indicates that they're on the verge of DVR-unworthy.

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