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Saturday Notebook

By admin Published: January 9, 2010

I could devote long posts to some of the topics here, but I don't think I have the energy or will. Have been wrenched a lot lately. Read the book of "The Lovely Bones" to prepare for seeing the movie next week, and it was draining. Very well written, too, but still a difficult if eventually uplifting story for anyone who has experienced grievous loss (and who, really, has been so fortunate as to have avoided that)? Not sure how it can be translated into a movie without seeming hokey, but I'll find out on Tuesday.

You may already have seen Roger Ebert's journal entry about his having lost the ability to eat. If not, please read it now. The tone reminded me more than a little of "The Lovely Bones"; part of that may simply be the result of adjacent reading, but each also deals with getting through something horrible and finding joy -- especially when Ebert talks about the way he is using food memories. While I can't help missing Ebert's crisp vocal delivery, he can at least still write. Man, can he write.

The great Willie Mitchell has died. The man was brilliant. Obits are devoting a lot of space to his collaborations with Al Green, and they need to be noted; some of my favorite records are Green/Mitchell collaborations. But let us not forget other Mitchell landmarks, such as Ann Peebles's "I Can't Stand the Rain." That is a groove one should not soon forget.

You've been reading about the Jay Leno debacle, I am sure, perhaps including this piece in the L.A. Times and this one from the N.Y. Times. I don't have anything new to add to the speculation. We will see what is eventually announced. Still, whille cleaning up my desk at work today, I came across some amusing items from last September. To wit: Parade magazine with Leno on the cover, with the promo line, "Sure it's tough finding a new job, but Jay Leno says, 'Give It Your Best Shot.' " And Time magazine from around the same time, Leno also on the cover, with the line, "Jay Leno Is the Future of Television. Seriously!" Leno's expression on both covers is something short of a smile, but he knew what could lie ahead. In the Parade story, he says that he hopes "The Jay Leno Show" will be around in a year "but hey, it's NBC."

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