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Saturday This 'N That

By admin Published: December 8, 2007

The snow from yesterday was beaten back enough by the sun today that I could no longer put off the stringing off the Christmas lights. More than usual: string along a sidewalk, lit garland over the porch and around the posts. Took a little time (and a trip to the store because we had underestimated how many lights we needed). Learning experience, too. But when the sun went down tonight, it didn't look too bad.

Tonight we rested for the most part. Continued my exploration of HD DVD. Admit to being suitably dazzled so far, but I've been testing it on action movies ("Top Gun," "Patriot Games") where you get the sweep of landscape and the fire and fury of big action sequences. Love the clarity and detail for the most part. But, as is sometimes the case with HDTV, I can sometimes be distracted by the detail -- the odd blemish obscured but not hidden by makeup, the missed shaving spot on a leading man's neck, the threads in the rip of a jacket -- and so be taken out of the movie itself for a moment.

Of course, I'll get used to it. Most of us adapt to technology as the changes become more commonplace, and then what was once marvelous seems far less so. (Sort of like the satellite-imaged raid in "Patriot Games," highly praised when the movie came out but outpaced by modern views.) That, again, is why solid writing and strong characters are so important. They will outlast the bells and whistles.

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