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"Saving Grace" Extended

By admin Published: August 8, 2007

I've been meaning to write something about this week's "Saving Grace." I wasn't crazy about the episode as a whole -- once again, the cops-and-crooks part of it felt a little weak. But Holly Hunter just knocked my socks off in the scene where she so seductively interrogated the guy who'd been spying on the motel. Leon Rippy -- who plays Earl --was hitting it pretty hard, too. And I not only like Lorraine Toussaint, I like that what the show is doing with her character so far.

All of which is a roundabout way of getting to TNT's announcement today that it has ordered 15 more episodes of "Grace." More about that after the jump ...

I've posted the official annoucement below, but since it's a little hazy about timing, I checked with TNT, which is also a little hazy about timing. TNT originally ordered 13 episodes. But the current run will consist of just nine of those 13. It will then come back at a date TBA to air the remaining four, and some or all of the 15 newly ordered episodes, since they are being considered part of the current season instead of a second-season order.

And so to the announcement:

TNT’s provocative, critically acclaimed series SAVING GRACE, starring Oscar® winner Holly Hunter, is set to fly ever higher as the network orders an additional 15 episodes, according to an announcement today by Michael Wright, senior vice president in charge of the Content Creation Group for TNT, TBS and TCM. The series launched July 23 with ad-supported cable’s biggest audience for a new series premiere for the year to date. It airs Mondays at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), following THE CLOSER. SAVING GRACE comes to TNT from Fox Television Studios and creator Nancy Miller (Any Day Now), who wrote the pilot and is also executive-producing with Gary A. Randall (A Little Thing Called Murder) and Artie Mandelburg (Leaving L.A.). Hunter also serves as producer.

“SAVING GRACE is wholly original, thought-provoking show with a dynamic, gut-wrenching performance by one of Hollywood’s top actresses at its center,” said Wright. “We’re thrilled at the response to the show and happy that it has connected with its audience. And we’re proud to be extending the run of this exciting new series as it continues to build on its success.”

SAVING GRACE stars Hunter as Grace Hanadarko, an intense and cynical Oklahoma City police detective. Despite being at the top of her field, Grace lives life hard, fast and on the edge. Wicked-smart and tough, she hits bottom one night when she slams into a pedestrian while she is driving drunk. Horrified at the realization of what she’s done, Grace uncharacteristically asks for help and receives it in the form of an unconventional angel named Earl. The journey for both of them will not be an easy one. For Grace, it will bring up life’s most complicated issues. Each episode of SAVING GRACE revolves around a specific case that the detectives are trying to solve, while delving deeper into the characters’ lives. Leon Rippy (Deadwood), Kenneth Johnson (The Shield), Bailey Chase (Las Vegas), Bokeem Woodbine (The Big Hit) and Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me) co-star.

SAVING GRACE premiered July 23 to more than 6.4 million viewers and 4.8 million households, flying to the top of the charts as ad-supported cable’s #1 new series premiere for the year to date, according to data from Nielsen Media Research. The debut episode also joined the list of ad-supported cable’s Top 3 series premieres of all time in household delivery. To date, SAVING GRACE is averaging 5.5 million viewers

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