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Schedule-Clearing Time? "Heroes," "HIMYM," "Two and a Half Men"

By admin Published: October 16, 2007

Monday is beginning to look more and more like a night to catch up on reading ...

This week's "Heroes," for starter, was another snore, lacking in surprise and badly paced. That's even worse because we were spared the Peter Among The Phony Irish subplot, which has been bad, and Sylar gave a small spark to the story of the Latino heroes, which has also been a drag.

But Claire and the Amazing Flying Boy is really getting tiresome, and I can't shake the feeling that AFB has an unpleasant agenda that will make itself known. The New Orleans stuff was mildly interesting but also very predictable; the wrestling bit was far too obviously set up. As for Molly and Parkman's father, did anyone else think that Molly looked at the picture and recognized Creepy Bob instead of Matt's father? Just a suspicion.

So is it time to set this Monday hour free, or should I keep giving it a shot?

"How I Met Your Mother" wasn't all that swell, either. The Robin stuff snoozed, and Barney is such a sleaze that no regular viewer should have taken it as gospel that he had already slept with the woman in the bet. As for "Men," some good lines (and it is still by far the dirtiest show in network prime time) but I never thought Charlie was imagining Rose, so the wig shot was hardly revelatory.

I don't know if a lot of shows are running on fumes already or if we're just hitting an early part of the Dick Wolf proportions. (That is, every decent show's season is one third great, one third lousy and one third so-so.) But right now none of these shows is making me feel that I must watch every week. So talk me out of it.

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