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Scrumming Lauren

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 17, 2006

''Gilmore Girls'' and ''Veronica Mars,'' two of my favorite shows, had press conferences today. My favorite moment may have been when Lauren Graham agreed with my assertion that Lorelai was a wuss last season. (She also said she didn't like that, although she had no power to change it, and she did like that Lorelai-and-Christopher ending.)

But I am not alone in caring about ''Gilmore.'' And Graham is not attending a press party tonight for stars and producers from CW shows. So, in order to get in some extra questions after the press conference, we had to form a scrum around her. A very tight scrum, as it turned out.

Now, most of us know each other and we're willing to both crowd in and respect each other's space (in addition to accepting the occasional audio recorder overhead, as a reporter in the back reaches out like the branch of a tree to pick up the conversation in the center of the scrum). But a woman known for her agressiveness leaned into my back so hard and persistently that I began to think I was being prepped for a colonoscopy.

Since the bride is the only person allowed that close, I tried to inch forward as much as the rest of the crowd allowed. The other reporter just inched closer. I ended up moving laterally; the other reporter got a better vantage point while I lost mine. But at least I regained full possession of my kidneys.

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