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Second Half Continued

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 5, 2006

Nice piece with Bettis and Parker on the sideline.

Steelers are on the verge of another score. The game could be getting out of hand. Early in the half, Michaels alluded to Cowher's ability to hang on once he gets a big-enough lead. We'll probably get the elaboration if they score here.

Hummer ''Love Is Strange'' ad. One of those where you wonder, what on earth is this an ad for? Then realize, oh, for something I will never afford.

''Big, big play'' for Steelers, says Michaels, and the Seahawks intercept. I guess we'll hold off on that Cowher-holding-leads piece.

14-10. We have now had more scoring in the second half than in the first. Maybe Michaels was right about the second half.

Michaels admits they were about to put up a graphic about Cowher with 11-point leads.

It just occurred to me that, while I've been watching the game in HD, I haven't felt any great impact from it. That's a function of what we get used to. Since I have been seeing the HD version without comparing it to something else, it's just the picture I have come to accept. If I went to another room to watch the analog feed, or catch highlights on analog later, then I'll be more aware of how good HD looks (or, more precisely, how bad regular TV looks when you have been spending time with HD).

Michaels again urges the audience to stay: ''Some Super Bowls are over after the third quarter. ... Not this one.''

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