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Session One: ABC Family/Disney Channel

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 10, 2006

We've had the first session and several important press tour firsts:

-- First remarks by a British executive (there are surprisingly many in U.S. TV), Paul Lee of ABC Family.

-- First large panel, 8 people for ''3 Moons Over Milford'': five actors and three executive producers.

-- First awkward pause, when the ''Milford'' panel started taking questions and the assembled critics had to muster up some.

-- In spite of the first awkward pause, ''Milford'' was also the first session to run overtime.

-- First comment suggesting depth. ''3 Moons'' is about a small town dealing with the possible end of the world, since the moon has split into three pieces. (One producer called it ''Picket Fences at the End of the World.'') Hence co-star Nora Dunn's declaration that ''the moon is a metaphor, I think, for desire and hope. ... How do you deal withh your hopes and dreams when you look at the moon and it's in pieces?''

Next up was the ABC Family movie ''Fallen,'' about a half-man, half-angel. The promotional clip included the would-be catchy line, ''Go back to heaven and leave me the hell alone!''

Then the Disney Channel plugged the upcoming ''Cheetah Girls 2.'' It's been three years since the original ''CG'' so I asked if ''High School Musical'' had helped get the sequel going. I got an answer about how busy the actresses are. But the press material notes that ''CG2'' uses a lot of the songwriters from ''HSM.''

Best line: A reference to actress Belinda Peregrin as ''the Hilary Duff of Latin America.''  She was wearing a hat that, for want of better description, resembled a beanie with a peace sign.

More later, including Raven-Symone's discussion of her name changes.

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