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Skipping Emmy

By RD Heldenfels Published: September 19, 2005

One of the quirks of my job is that -- unlike many TV critics -- I don't have to watch and review the Emmys. That's fine with me. I can check out the final list of winners and losers and deal with them all in a single round of teeth-gnashing.

Of course, I record it, in case something wonderfully weird happens, and I do take a peek or two during the live telecast.

But last night I was content to stop after one peek, since that peek involved the award for best supporting actor in a drama.

Some Emmy categories can be lame. (Look at what was nominated for best drama this year, for instance.) But this one looked tough.

Oliver Platt, amazing on ''Huff.''

Terry O'Quinn, equally amazing on ''Lost.''

Naveen Andrews, very good on ''Lost.''

Alan Alda, also good on ''The West Wing.''

I could have put some other people in there -- a bunch from ''Rescue Me,'' for starters -- but those guys were all Emmy-worthy, especially Platt and O'Quinn.

Of course, they didn't win. Instead, it was hammy old William Shatner winning again for ''Boston Legal.''

Emmy, Emmy, Emmy, I thought. What is the deal with you and the actors on ''Boston Legal''? Later in the evening, James Spader won the Emmy for best actor in a drama, besting among others the far more qualified Hugh Laurie from ''House'' (my fave of the nominees) and the fascinating Ian McShane from ''Deadwood.'' Glad I didn't stick around for that one.

Looking over the final winners, I can be happy about some. But I'm just as glad that I spent those Emmy telecast hours on other things. I've still got a dent in my forehead from the palm-smack when Shatner won.

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