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"SNL": Getting (A Little) Better

By admin Published: September 28, 2008

(The above is the embed of the opening sketch, from the NBC site; last week the connection was shut down, but if that happens you should be able to find it on or Hulu.)

I wouldn't have expected a show hosted by Anna Faris to be funnier than one with James Franco, but that's how it has turned out. There was another Tina-as-Palin bit to open the show, and I could watch this stuff every week even if Katheen Parker would rather not.

The couple driving home sketch was fairly amusing (although awkward about the n-word -- the character would have said the word, as she had done at the dinner). And "Weekend Update" was very much on game, especially with Darrell Hammond's Bill Clinton. On the other hand, the presidential debate parody was uneven, and the show lost energy and inspiration in the final half-hour. Still, the show was a nice rebound from the last couple of weeks.

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