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Snow Day

By admin Published: January 28, 2009
Cheri Secrest digs out her driveway on Edison NW in Uniontown as Mother Nature dumps another round of snow on Northeast Ohio. (Bob DeMay/Akron Beacon Journal)

(Akron Beacon Journal photo)

I had planned to take the day off anyway, and the snowfall gave me one more reason. Much snow-blowing this morning, and I'll have to go at it again this afternoon. I will be posting later tonight after "Lost," which I have seen but will hold discussion until after it has aired on the East Coast, and possibly "Lie to Me," which has had me curious about a second episode. And the usual "American Idol" post.

At work yesterday, I spent a fair amount of time on "24's" Kidron connection. Kidron, fans will note, is the target of a chemical plant attack being launched at the end of Monday's episode. It is also the name of a real Ohio town, although one that is not like what you have heard about on TV. You can read more about "24," Kidron and how writer-producer Brannon Braga intersected them here.

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