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Snow Day Notebook

By admin Published: February 14, 2007

Should they call it "Studio 60 at the Overlook Hotel"? and other viewing issues, after the jump

Looked like a couple of feet of snow this morning. Felt like a couple of tons. Snowfall had started last night, encouraging staying in last night -- and forcing a stay-in this morning until the driveway and roads were clear enough. Especially the driveway.

Besides some work, I did some catching up on viewing. Finally finished "Studio 60" and, man, can I see why NBC decided to put it on hiatus quicker. The whole Matt-is-tripping thing just got sillier and sillier; I would not have been surprised to see Jack Nicholson's face in the photograph.

"Gilmore Girls" took us to an expected place: the crash of Lorelai and Christopher. Moderately well handled -- I liked that Sookie asked the key question -- but wrapped in twaddle like Rory's going girlish over the instructor.

"Veronica Mars" didn't knock me out, either. Didn't buy Logan as nanny, especially as the self-contained story. And budget caution was noticeable: Were those window shots of Las Vegas printed on cardboard?

Al Franken had his last show for Air America today, and announced he is running for Senate in Minnesota. I like Al, and his was one of the rare talk-radio shows I could listen to for fun. (The other is Stephanie Miller's.) I have no idea how he'll do in voting politics, in spite of his considerable experience as a commentator. But he has paid considerable political dues, including a visit to Akron on behalf of Ohio Democrats before the last election.

Still, I keep thinking of Tom Lehrer's line about movie hoofer-turned-politician George Murphy: "Isn't it great, at last we've got a senator who can really sing and dance?" Mocking, certainly, only Murphy had been elected. As was Jesse Ventura. And that fella Reagan didn't too badly either. Besides, there have been plenty of politicians as funny as Franken, and some might have even been funny on purpose.

Also funny on purpose is Christopher Guest's "For Your Consideration," which I have been checking out on DVD. The Guest stock company is so funny on its own that I was having fun just with the deleted scenes. Not sure how I will end up ranking this among Guest's movies, since his movies get better with repeated viewing over time. I still don't think this is going to be up there with "Waiting for Guffman" or "Best in Show," but it's pretty good. Catherine O'Hara, after all, especially at the end. Harry Shearer. And Fred Willard, Fred Willard, Fred Willard.

Have been watching "Entertainment Tonight's" unbelievable cozying up to Howard K. Stern, including the cameras there for Stern's reunion with Anna Nicole Smith's baby. What a huge load. If Stern really cared about this kid, he wouldn't be using her as a prop in his image-rebuilding campaign. And "ET" is willing to play along in exchange for exclusivity.

And, it being Wednesday, I expect to have a few thoughts later on some of tonight's shows.

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