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Snow/White (Updated)

By RD Heldenfels Published: November 21, 2005

(Below is what I wrote on Monday after seeing a preview tape of Brittany Snow's ''Nip/Tuck'' episode. TV Tattle on Tuesday posted a link to an interview with Snow that you can find here.)

I don't know how many people have watched both ''American Dreams'' and ''Nip/Tuck'' but they're in for a shock tomorrow night.

Brittany Snow, who with great charm played the smart and decent Meg Pryor on ''Dreams,'' is bringing all that ''Dreams'' good will to the screen, then turning it upside down on ''Nip/Tuck.''

It's not just the overdone eye makeup -- major sign of a TV bad girl, it's the character she's playing: a white supremacist who gets her clutches into Matt.

This isn't the only story in the ''Nip/Tuck'' episode -- much of which involves the final wedding plans by Christian and Kember -- but it sets a lot of things in motion, and Snow is going to be around for awhile. Nor is her character alone in her beliefs; her parents are also unabashedly racist, and her dad has plans for Matt, which look as if they will go very badly.

In fact, this episode looks like yet another demonstration of what a dolt Matt is. A hot girl makes eyes at him, and the next thing you know he's wearing an earring with a swastika. And when his fathers don't like his new girl just because she's an outspoken racist, well, you can bet Matt's going to find a way to fight back. A really stupid way.

But I didn't start this post as a rant about ''Nip/Tuck,'' even though it's a show that makes me want to rant a lot -- while also dragging me into its stories. Rather, I was thinking about what a curious amalgam of career agendas the Snow storyline is.

The show gets to play with the audience's expectations by casting a famous nice girl as a famously horrible one. The actress gets to show she has a scary side, which could lead to a wider range of roles, and therefore more roles, period. After all, Snow's not drawing that ''American Dreams'' paycheck anymore.

But is she good at being bad? Very much so.

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