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By RD Heldenfels Published: December 6, 2005

I planned to spend most of yesterday at home, catching up on some viewing and clearing up some paperwork. Of course, that was a day when the phone rang. A bunch.

When ABC announced its new anchor team for ''World News Tonight,'' I promptly got it on this blog (below). The Beacon Journal also wanted a short piece about it, and I obliged.

Then, late afternoon, I got a call from a co-worker who had heard about a new TV deal for the Indians; that sent me into a series of phone calls -- to FSN Ohio, which has had the Indians; to WKYC (Channel 3), which will apparently get some of the Indians games under the new arrangement; to Time Warner Cable, a major player in the Indians' brave new TV world, and of course to the Indians.

Along the way, I collected string: some of it in the form of refusals to confirm anything, some of it from a Sports Business Journal story on the deal, and a big piece of it from Time Warner.

It was one of those stories that was tricky to write because of all the non-confirmation/non-denial responses (at least one of which is still in force this morning). I had a confirmation from Time Warner. But -- and remember this the next time someone tells you that all reporters are ruthless jackals -- with the Indians not admitting anything, I asked Time Warner one last time if it wanted to stick by its confirmation, so I wasn't hanging the company's spokesman out to dry. And, sure enough, early yesterday evening, Time Warner backed off from the confirmation.

The story wasn't my favorite to write. In fact, it gave me a stomach-ache. It felt as if I had it nailed down, but I couldn't state it absolutely, and that always makes me worry that something's wrong. Still, I had to go with what I had, all duly attributed -- and was glad I did, since the competition also had a story about the deal this morning.

Of course, all that meant that my catching-up day went bye-bye. In fact, I went back to the office and remained there for several hours while piecing the story together, and in the process missed a couple of family commitments. But there are days like that.

In fact, this one is shaping up much the same way -- with an unexpected trip to Canton for a story on my plate...

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