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Some Laughs Never Get Old

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 26, 2005

The mail this morning included a new ''Saturday Night Live'' compilation DVD, ''The Best of John Belushi'' (due in stores Sept. 6, along with other best-ofs devoted to Dan Aykroyd and Gilda Radner). Well, it had to go into the player -- and not just because movie critic George Thomas was screaming to see the Belushi-as-Beethoven-as-Ray-Charles skit.

It was Belushi, for cryin' out loud. While I'm still longing for ''SNL'' to start issuing complete seasons, there's stuff here that will always make me laugh. Samurai sketches. Belushi-as-Brando-as-The-Godfather. ''Star Trek.'' (Belushi is one of the greatest Shatners of all time -- even better than Shatner is these days. Aykroyd was a pretty amazing McCoy, too.)

Just the way later generations have discovered the Marx Brothers -- and still should -- so it is that Belushi can still make people laugh 25 to 30 years after his ''SNL'' glory days. And what day isn't made better by a big laugh?

I just wish it was more than a single disc. And I'm still hoping for those complete-season sets.

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