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By RD Heldenfels Published: March 3, 2006

Last week the mail included a DVD of a new episode of ''Invasion'' due to air next Wednesday. It also had a letter from executive producer Shaun Cassidy, which I didn't read at first. When I got around to it today, I remembered what a likable guy Cassidy is. Here's the letter (and don't forget to read the P.S.):

Dear All,

This is a big thank you note for all the incredible support you've given Invasion. We love our show, we love making it, and we're glad you do too. Here's a little DVD sneak peek of next week's episode -- still rough of course (temp FX, temp music) -- and if you hear the Executive Producer's voice pop up occasionally, that's just to remind you of why he's no longer an actor.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks again.

Shaun Cassidy

P.S. If you should be one of the few who have not been incredibly supportive of Invasion, please enjoy this complimentary coaster.

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