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Songs (and shows) in my head

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 24, 2014



Caught up to "Slogging Show," er, "Rising Star," yesterday, with much fast-forwarding that still didn't improve the pace of the program. When you're kicking off a new singing series, you really need to stack the premiere with hot vocalists, and this thing did not come close to doing that. Sure, it stacked first-show winners at the beginning and end, but they weren't all that good -- and the closing performance was wrapped up in contrivance. The best thing about the telecast was that a poor rendition of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" had me looking for Sam Smith's far superior cover. Which I have posted above.

This being summer, I have also been thinking about the two key elements, beach and air travel. And I have had a bit of both. The beach thinking sent me into the DVD "Frankie & Annette Movie Collection" which, along with five beach-themed films also includes "Ski Party," whose silliness includes James Brown and the Famous Flames dancing and lip-synching "I Feel Good" in a ski lodge. In amazing sweaters. Always gives me the grins. As you can see in the clip above.

I don't have a song to go with "The Last Ship," which I watched Sunday night and don't feel an overwhelming need to see again. It has been cut a lot of slack by reviewers content to deem it a BIg Dumb Action Series, but it goes beyond dumb to really stupid. Look again at how people dress in -50 temperatures for starters. Or the stiff dialogue, I'd rather go back and watch "Crimson Tide."

Or "Under Siege," a supremel BDAM thanks no little to having Tommy Lee Jones and not-yet-completely-ridiculous Gary Busey in supporting roles to Steven Seagal. Speaking of which, here's a fun Grantland consideration of some of Seagal's movies.

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