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"Sopranos": "I'm a good guy ... basically"

By admin Published: May 21, 2007

Some notes after the jump ...

Wonderful, aching stuff with AJ and his depression. And, as I talked about with last week's episode, the circle around Tony has gotten still smaller: He has no way of dealing with AJ, Meadow's falling into another guy's orbit, Carmela's getting pissed and the seed's been planted with Melfi that maybe she needs to get away from him, too. Even the thing with AJ in therapy, talking about Livia, indicates that Tony is headed toward an old age alone.

Assuming, of course, he gets to old age. And I keep thinking that, in spite of Phil's determination to have it out with Tony, that Tony still ends up surviving -- that, evoking "Godfather/Godfather II" yet again, "Sopranos" will end much more tragically with Tony alive and alone.

After all, as the line cited above underscores, Tony still wants to believe that he's not bad, that he hasn't destroyed everyone around him, that there isn't a Soprano family curse. And even if he does end up alone, he will probably still want to believe that he always tried to do the right thing -- even as his hunger and selfishness are so strong, he can't even stop from taking one of AJ's Lincoln log sandwiches.

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