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"Sopranos": Pieces Fitting Together...

By admin Published: May 14, 2007

A few thoughts, after the jump ...

I haven't written about "The Sopranos" for a couple of weeks, trying to figure out what was going on. The first three episodes of this finale run had been very good, the fourth (Tony's gambling) seemed not, the fifth (last week) was a mild rebound. Then the seeming bumps in the road were all smoothed out in last night's show.

Tony's monstrosity and life are systematically isolating him from the few people who mattered in his world. The fight with Bobby destroyed a relationship with a man who had been most loyal to Tony. The argument with Hesh wrecked that deal. Johnny Sack, a rival but also someone whom Tony understood, is dead.

Christopher is now dead. While Tony delivered the coup de grace last night, Chris had really been killed in last week's episode, where his idea of strength was twisted into weakness by the guys around him (including Tony), and his attempt to match their "strength" made him weak again. So of course, when Tony put him away, it was out of fear of what he considered Chris's weakness.

So where does all that leave Tony? Turning inward, high on peyote. Only Tony has had epiphanies before (as Christopher, something of an expert at failed redemption, reminds him just before the accident). They don't take. We're even more into "The Godfather" now, with the possibility that Tony will, in the end, survive -- but like Michael Corleone, with no one close by his side. And the fate that then awaits him is what came to Uncle Junior and, in last night's episode, Paulie -- isolation, loss of control and whatever sorrow he can muster from his shabby emotional toolkit.

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