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By RD Heldenfels Published: November 10, 2005

I like to guess what's going to happen on my favorite TV shows, but I don't really want to know until I see an episode. I like seeing all the turns happen, I like that burst of surprise (as was provided by last night's ''Lost''). So for the most part I try not to know what's happening ahead of time -- staying away from possible spoilers, to be sure, but also trying to avoid promos (which have sometimes given away WAY too much).

Now I'm wondering if I also have to figure out a way not to watch episode credits. That will be difficult, given that the credits roll while the show is in progress, but ''Veronica Mars'' really put me off my game last night.

Yes, I still love the show. And it was a good episode. Although the Joss Whedon cameo was pointless, isn't that what cameos usually are?

But here's the thing: One of the little twists in it was the return of Aaron Echolls, the murderous dad played by Harry Hamlin. And here's the problem: Hamlin was listed as a guest star in the opening credits, so I knew he was going to show up -- and didn't get much of a kick when he appeared in the jail-cell scene. It would have been much cooler if Hamlin had eschewed his expected credit and was just there.

Maybe if I just looked at the top half of the frame while the credits ran ...

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