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Still Giving Thanks?

By RD Heldenfels Published: November 25, 2006

More hectic days. Cavs game Tuesday night with the bride. (Cavs beat the Grizzlies but let them get close near the end.) Interesting to see how timely some of the clips on the big-screen were; they had a bit of that terrible ''Totally Awesome'' '80s-movie parody. But vintage stuff still does the deal. And when they wanted the crowd to be especially hostile, they'd show Michigan and Steelers logos.

Wednesday was finishing up some work things and then the last of the Thanksgiving prep (including the all-important picking up of Hartville Kitchens pies). Target Demo -- the daughter, to those of you tuning in late -- arrived Wednesday afternoon. Thursday brought more family, including the Western Pa. branch of the family and the elder son. Turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, tossed salad, sweet potato casserole, pickles/olives/apple rings, pie, dressing with cornbread/celery/onion/other, pumpkin roll ... so much stuff, the cranberry/mandarin orange mix and fruit salad ended up being held over for Friday lunch.

TV, in various clusters of people: Football (of course, and dozing durng the post-dinner watching), parade, dog show, a little of ''Spider-Man 2'' before the reception on the local Fox station began going haywire, ''Grey's Anatomy.'' Sleep semi-early.

And so into the weekend -- a kicked-back Friday, save for a late-afternoon shopping trip by Target Demo and the bride. (It was a Mission for Shoes.) Watched ''Devil Wears Prada'' on a preview DVD. Better, and more serious, than I expected -- and Streep so terrifyingly good. Most of ''Big'' while kicking on Friday night. Couple of minutes of the Cavs; turned off the game when they trailed late. (They lost.)

Good days, in sum. Hope yours have been the same.

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