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Storm II, ''Lost'' Marathon Goes On

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 30, 2005

When I suggested that my house would be a good location for storm updates once the rains came here, I WAS KIDDING. Did not mean to invite the harsher forces of weather to the neighborhood. So far it's just a steady rain, but I just got some things off the basement floor in case water decides it's time for a visit.

Things aren't bad down there most of the time, but I'm not taking chances. The last storm brought some nifty puddling because I had neglected to clean my rain gutters -- and a clogged one led to a stream down one side of the house and into the basement. Although I cleared gutters as soon as the sun came out, I still picked up some things today.

Of course, who among us wouldn't be nervous right now? We're not in Louisiana, but even occasional views of the TV news channels offer up scenes of destruction and despair.

As for the ''Lost'' marathon -- courtesy of the DVD set, due in stores Tuesday -- I have now plowed through 15 installments. I have theories. Oh, do I have theories, and not just about the plot of the show. As I said before, this show seems better with the commercials in it, and another reason has occurred to me: The commercials give you time to discuss what's going on (and what it might mean) before the ride goes on. Similarly, this may be a better show to watch once a week, or at least at intervals; then you have time to go over an episode with other viewers before moving on to the next chunk. ''Lost'' might easily have been promoted as ''made for your water cooler.''

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