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Stuff I've Been Watching: Brief Notes

By admin Published: August 10, 2010

I watched "Drop Dead Diva" in its first season but the second just has not done much for me. I have had to invoke the five-episode rule: If five episodes of a show get backed up, unwatched, on the DVR, then I won't get around to watching it. And so "DDD" has left the cache.

I figure that I have a maximum one con-artist TV series in me at any one time. Tried to embrace both "White Collar" and "Leverage" and have settled on just "Leverage." A big reason: I like the cast and characters better on the TNT show.

"The Closer" has nicely avoided a rut this season with the Brenda-for-chief storyline. It freshens all the relationships, shines new light on some of them and gives Kyra Sedgwick some new notes to play. Very enjoyable.

"Royal Pains," on the other hand, has lagged this year. The Cuba storyline was a big mistake, diverting the plot and characters in awkward ways, and as a viewer I don't think I've recovered from it.

On the other hand, am enjoying the current season of "Warehouse 13." Great pop-culture interfaces. And Bruce McGill's "Animal House" shout-out on "Rizzoli & Isles" was a little gem.

Looking ahead: Give "The Big C" on Showtime a chance. But don't make any plans for ABC Family's "Melissa & Joey." I may have longer notes on both in a later post.

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