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Stuff I've Been Watching & Other Notes

By admin Published: February 10, 2011

From the files:

Northeast Ohio's Tammy Pescatelli has seen her "Stand Up Mother" show pulled by WE after just a couple of airings. Fans are trying to save it; you can find out more here.

Cleveland reduced its reality-show presence by one on Wednesday night when Frank was booted from Syfy's "Face Off." No complaints here, since the show was portraying him as annoying, lazy and not good at playing with others. Very odd, though, to see someone happy to go home.

I sporadically watched "Live to Dance," the Paula Abdul-hosted competition, and did catch the return of her tearful incoherence on Wednesday's season finale. The show proved no more adept at choosing great performers than "America's Got Talent" or "American Idol," reducing the field to supposedly cute, costumed children who generally creeped me out. As I said on Twitter, they might as well call this "Robo-Kids."

Looking ahead:

Check out tonight's episode of "The Office." The return of Holly has really given the show a boost. And the sentimental fool in me had a great time earlier this week between last Thursday's "Office" and Monday's "How I Met Your Mother." Tonight's valentine-themed "Office" continues the Michael-Holly romance but in a very funny way, as well as offering a touching continuation of the Erin-Andy saga and a very, very amusing moment in the Jim-Pam relationship. Good times all around. I've also seen tonight's "Community," OK but a bit of a letdown after last week's Dungeons & Dragons episode, and "Perfect Couples," which remains uneven but not entirely unwatchable.

North Canton's own Eddie McClintock is on tonight's "Fairly Legal."

Looking around:

I keep meaning to write about my ambivalence about "Glee" (not to mention my disdain for its Chevy commercial) but I'd just be treading old ground. The drama is erratic and the musical numbers inconsistent, especially when the show goes for a big statement. In fact, the Sunday plot line about Sue trying to top herself sounded like yet another "Glee" conversation with its audience -- since the show, too, has gone so far in its musical presentations. One of the reasons I like the Warblers is that they remind me of what "Glee" had in the beginning: a small group of kids onstage, singing.

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