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Sunday Evening

By admin Published: June 29, 2008

"Weekend," by Dutch group Earth & Fire, from 1979. Deeply awful video

I have all sorts of things to watch for work, but this turned into a weekend for other activities. The bride and I swam into the muck of competing cell-phone plans, since we're coming to the end of our current deal. How many minutes, how much texting, what about video streaming, which phone looks nifty, should we keep our land line -- and, at the end, what will all of that cost? That alone could have caused some brain explosion, but we were also looking at kitchen countertops and flooring. Attention, cerebellum spatter in aisle two!

Also, combining our respective task lists: light housekeeping (pick up clutter, vacuum and dust), mowing the lawn -- calling the threatened rainstorm's bluff -- putting up a couple of electrical covers, rebolting the mailbox, laundry, ironing, grocery shopping, and the writing of Sunday and Monday columns.

A little relaxation: watching "Any Given Sunday" (a pickup during a cheap-DVD run), and I am finally getting a bit of understanding of Sudoku. I stink at logic games -- could never figure out the killer at Clue -- and was thoroughly intimidated just by the idea of that number puzzle. Have now figured it out a little, though not enough to declare myself unstinky.

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