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Sunday Morning Notebook

By admin Published: February 1, 2009

Question of the day: How much Super Bowl pre-show is enough for one viewer? I'm thinking an hour.

Frustrated search: Back in 1985, I remember a "New England's Going to the Super Bowl" music video with Robert Urich and other celebs, but I can't find it anywhere online. Unless my memory has completely gone to pieces, it is not the "Skin the Bears" video that is floating around (and has Urich in it); this had a peppier song and far better production values. And speaking of production, I took a look at the old "Super Bowl Shuffle" video by the Bears. Yikes. Time has not been kind.

Recommended viewing: Tonight's post-SB episode of "The Office." The promo has given away some very good stuff, alas, including from the hysterical opening sequence. But there is much to recommend it -- as funny, as touching and as flesh-crawly. I'll likely have more to say about it later.

Over at Facebook, I have added a "25 Random Things About Me" list. (Note: I am Rich Heldenfels, not Richard Conor Heldenfels.)

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