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Sunday Morning Notebook

By admin Published: February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Eve. In today's Beacon Journal you can find my talk with the Black Keys' Patrick Carney as a warmup for tonight's Grammy Awards telecast. We didn't discuss music, focusing instead on the way television and movies have played a role in the Black Keys's career -- the licensing of songs to productions and commercials, the risk of being called a sellout, making the rounds of late-night shows. You can find the piece here.

Today's video column is here, and the accompanying new-release list is here.

If you're reading this before 11:30 a.m. Sunday, you may want to check out my appearance on "Golden Opportunities" on WKYC at that time. I have a segment talking about some romantic movies you may have missed -- although my idea of romance goes beyond candy and flowers.

If you'd like to see more of my mug, this week's video chat is here. And Malcolm X Abram and I have our latest talk about "American Idol" (with some technical difficulty at the beginning) here.

It's been a somewhat quiet weekend at the House of Heldenfels. Letting the relatively warm temperatures soften up the driveway ice enough to chip more of it away. Thesis work, re-examining Henry James' "The Bostonians" (with a brief side trip into "Pride and Prejudice"). The warmth also allowed a car wash, which was long past due. Any time I open the Jeep's hatch and end up with a dirty hand, it's time for washing.

Saw the Akron men's basketball team beat Ball State last night; the bride and I have yet to attend a men's basketball game this year that Akron did not win. Also recorded the STO telecast; it was better to see live, especially when I saw once again how cheesy the video was.

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