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Sunday Night Notebook

By admin Published: February 7, 2010

I've spent the weekend recovering from a cold, but have managed to sit through the Super Bowl so far. Much better game than it appeared at first. Loved the onside kick to start the third quarter: a terrific gamble, and one that woke up the game. (UPDATE: New Orleans has won what was a fine game until the Manning interception put the Saints out of the Colts' reach. Lots of drama, lots of shifting fortune, and I had no complaints regardless of who won.)

Haven't seen any ads I have loved -- amused by the Betty White spot, and the Ditka/McMahon ad, and the Griswolds reunion, but no more than amused. The Letterman-Leno-Oprah spot, above, was a surprise but not much more than that. What do you think made Dave grumpier: the Colts losing, or having to share a screen with Jay? If anyone was done a favor here, after all, it was Jay. has a story about how the ad came to be, which I don't entirely buy.

And the Who are just sad, although the light show was good.

Stuff I had in the paper today included:

A chat with Peter Billingsley, immortal as "A Christmas Story's" Ralphie, more recently the director of "Couples Retreat," coming to DVD.

A talk with Henry Louis Gates Jr., about his latest PBS series, "Faces of America."

Today's DVD column, topped by Oscar nominee "A Serious Man."

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