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By admin Published: August 2, 2009

I have a few thoughts about movies involving cooks and cooking, related to "Julie & Julia," which premieres Friday. I'll have a review of the movie later this week. Needless to say, the topic of my column could have included a lot of other things; there were scenes that I ended up cutting from my draft, and movies I didn't get to see enough of to include. Your comments and thoughts about the movies in the column, and ones I did not mention, are welcome here.

Also in today's Beacon Journal, my weekly DVD column, which you can find here.

The bride and I went to the Indians-Tigers game last night. We're disgusted by the Indians' recent fire sale, but we had already paid for the tickets. Plus, it was Indians Hall of Fame night, so we got to see Sandy Alomar. And we wanted our Victor Martinez bobbleheads, in light of the team trading the able catcher. The bobblehead is pictured above. I checked Sunday night, and more than 50 of them are already for sale on eBay.

Some sidelights: The box included a coupon for 10 percent off Martinez merchandise but was good only on "Sunday, August 1st, 2009" -- which doesn't exist. The team has a Martinez chest-protector-backpack promotion coming up, too, but the scoreboard listed last night was no longer mentioning Martinez's name in the giveaway. And there were a lot of Detroit fans at the game; sometimes it seemed as if they outnumbered the Indians fans. We sat next to two Detroiters, and they were very nice. (They also gave us their Martinez bobbleheads.) But the game itself felt sluggish (maybe because it was muggy weather, too). We left after 8 innings, with the Indians trailing; they tied it as we were driving home, and went to extra innings, but still lost.

In a previous post I mentioned an epic correction of errors in a look at Walter Cronkite by the New York Times' Alessandra Stanley. The Times' has offered an explanation of what went wrong here.

I spent part of Friday afternoon doing some viewing catchup, of the season-three premiere of "Mad Men," which airs on Aug. 16, and what should have been the first-season finale of "Dollhouse," an episode called "Epitaph One," which Fox did not air but which is now on DVD and Blu-ray. As tepid as I have been about "Dollhouse," "Epitaph One" shakes things up so well that I expect to be on board for the second season. Take a look. And "Mad Men" is off to another fine start, so you should be tuning to it as well.

I expect to write at greater length about both shows later.

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