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Sunday Notebook

By admin Published: August 16, 2009

My DVD column is here. The "Hannah Montana" movie, as well as documentaries "Tyson," "The Garden" and "Audience of One," plus a compelling independent film, "The Poker House," directed and co-written by Lori Petty.

I am hoping to post some bonus DVD material here by Tuesday, when the newest releases come out, about some of the titles that did not make it into my column.

In today's Beacon Journal, I have a longish column about "Mad Men," its quality, its ratings and why the latter make the Emmys people crazy. You can find it here. Time permitting, I will post after you have had a chance to see tonight's season premiere with a more specific discussion of the events. (Update: Time did not permit.)

Had a nice Saturday. Bride and I cleaned the house, did some shopping (new, smaller jeans for both of us!), bought the week's groceries, watched some golf on TV, had a nice meal. Peaceful and yet productive. Today includes a brief outing and mowing the lawn, as well as watching more golf.

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