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Sunday Notebook

By admin Published: September 13, 2009

An interview with Akron's Frank Dicopoulos about the end of "Guiding Light," with a special appearance by Melina Kanakaredes (a "GL" alum), is here. The weekly DVD column, topped by some thoughts on the second-season set of "Big Bang Theory," is here.

Had a good Saturday. The bride and I went to the opening game at the new University of Akron football stadium. While I have some reservations about the beast -- the UA soccer team has a long record of major success yet plays in far less impressive surroundings than the stadium provides -- it is a really nice place to watch a game, especially with a packed, happy house. Then, Saturday night, we had dinner with friends from work -- hosted by the ABJ food writer, Lisa Abraham, and her husband, and predetermined as a break from Weight Watchers. Mmmmmmm. I will pay for the next several days, of course, but the food-friends-conversation combo was still unbeatable.

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