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Sunday Notebook

By admin Published: January 31, 2010

In today's Beacon Journal:

Thanks to a new DVD release of "Omnibus" performances by Leonard Berstein, as well the previous release of his "Young People's Concerts," I look back at how Bernstein used television -- and the days when commercial broadcast TV included cultural programming.

Also today, my weekly DVD column, this time topped by notes regarding the latest "Doctor Who" releases.

The DVD column notes that I planned to have a separate piece about the DVD release of basketball documentary "More Than a Game" in Monday's editions. The piece, which I wrote Friday, has already arrived online here. I had expected it not to arrive until Monday, and was trying to make a small update today, but these days a lot of things wind up being posted before they appear in print. Oh, well.

If by some chance you happened to watch "Seducing Cindy" on Fox Reality, here's a Friday column about one of the competitors, who is also a local guy.

Also, I want to mention the soundtrack to "Hope for Haiti Now," the all-star telethon not long ago. I enjoyed quite a bit of the music during the telethon, and find the album even more impressive. Some artists seem to benefit from being heard but not seen (Beyonce, Madonna), and the song selection works as a sequence, with a lot of blending from one song to the next. Still uneven, but it engages me --John Legend, Mary J. Blige, Coldplay, Christina Aguilera, Crow/Rock/Urban, the Bono/Jay-Z/Rihanna triplet.

I was using it as music to wind down with the other night, and woke up instead because I was so drawn in by the music.

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