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Sunday, Sunday

By RD Heldenfels Published: October 9, 2005

I saw some of the Browns game today, but neither the go-ahead score nor the follow-up that put them out of reach. I did see the game-winning home run in the 18th inning of that Atlanta-Houston playoff game, but only after I read online that it was turning into an epic. Watched some of ''A Few Good Men'' for the thousandth time while relaxing after dinner. I may get through ''Desperate Housewives'' and ''Grey's Anatomy'' tonight; if sleep overtakes, the DVR is already set for both of them.

Beyond that, this has been a day for business outside TV. Early this morning, my wife and I helped put up signs marking the way for part of the Crop Walk in the Metropark. Then we went home and got ready for church. Followed by church. Then back home to eat lunch and get ready for the Crop Walk. Then the Crop Walk itself.

Not a bad day to wander in the woods for a couple of miles, either. A little chilly but at least the rain has stopped. And the second time around the path, we could enjoy the scenery and chat here and there with friends, since we didn't have to focus on tying signs to trees.

After the Crop Walk, back home again, and then a wrangling of the cats into the bedroom. Our daughter is visiting, and she brought the dogs over this afternoon; it should be no surprise the cats and dogs argue like, well, cats and dogs. So the cats went into hiding while the dogs wandered about, drooling and renewing friendships.(Well, I thought it was drool. I have since been informed by the dog lovers in the house that these dogs just drip.) In the early evening, I found myself sitting with one dog in my lap and one at my feet. Fortunately, the bigger one was the one near my feet.

But I'm jumping ahead.

After creating the pet DMZ, we went outside to use a rented tiller on a couple of flower beds and to form a new ring for plants around the arbor. (This all sounds much fancier than it actually is. But it's still nice and getting nicer.) The 400 mail-order bulbs can now go in the ground tomorrow, and the tiller back to the rental place. It was a pretty easy process, aside from the occasional tiller-hauling that has my shoulders a little achy now.

After that, a quick making of spaghetti and sauce, salad and garlic bread, followed by a dinner table with everyone chatting and joking. So even if tonight's TV isn't that great, the day has already been a good one.

Tiring? Sure. And this morning it looked as if it would be a bear to get through. So you will understand if, at times, I think of today as like being hit repeatedly in the head with a two-by-four, because it felt really good when it stopped. But it also felt good when it was happening -- as a novice tiller-user, I'm still impressed by how smoothly it went -- and the good feeling now does not come just from being done. It's from feeling that we've done well.

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