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Sunday Viewing Notebook

By admin Published: March 14, 2010

My review of "The Pacific," which starts tonight on HBO, is here. I very much recommend it.

Other new potential viewing tonight includes "Minute To Win It" and "Celebrity Apprentice," both on NBC, and "Sons of Tucson" on Fox. I recommend none of them.

"Minute To Win It" looks appealing in promotional form, as it involves a series of tasks involving household objects, each of which must be performed in one minute. You make more money with each task , with the top prize $1,000,000. I did think some about how I might go about som of the tasks (such as finding and holding balls while blindfolded). But the show is way over-amped, the host is bland, and the first contestant enthusiastic in a way I found less than convincing. Also, the bride had noticed that, in one of the challenges, the commercials give away the outcome.

I haven't tuned to "Celebrity Apprentice" in some time, and nothing in tonight's premiere makes me want to come back. Boring contestants, uninteresting task and even the insult-tossing feels tired.

I had modest hopes for "Sons of Tucson" which were gone soon enough. The comedy involves a no-good (the guy who played Sock on the much better "Reaper") hired to be the pretend-father to three snotty kids. I kept wanting to like it for some reason, but never really did. It's a bunch of sitcom cliches jammed together with no great success.

I was far happier with "Justified," premiering later this week on FX; a column is in today's print Beacon Journal (but not online yet) and I will post about it tomorrow or Tuesday.

My DVD column is here.

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