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Sunny Days for DVD

By RD Heldenfels Published: September 26, 2006

If you want your children to love the same ''Sesame Street'' that you did, make note of the following DVD:

Beginning October 24, 2006, fans of all ages can relive their childhood by watching classic footage with the release of Sesame Street: Old School Volume 1: 1969-1974 (Sesame Workshop and Sony Wonder; suggested retail price $39.98). The three disc box set features the premiere episodes from the first five “experimental” seasons plus bonus footage never before offered to consumers…The over seven hours of vintage content includes the pilot episode of the series which has never been seen on DVD!   In addition, packaged with the disc set will be an exclusive 16-page liner notes booklet filled with fun facts and photos from each season, as well as an 8-page activity pullout that parents can share with their kids.  ...

Sesame Street: Old School Volume 1: 1969-1974 features celebrity appearances, songs and animation which are sure to bring people down memory lane. Footage includes:

Ø      Bill Cosby doing his ABCs                            

Ø      Big Bird meeting Snuffy for the first time  



Horne singing “How do you do?” with Grover          

Ø      Bert doing “The Pigeon” dance        

Ø      James Earl Jones counting to 10      

Ø      Oscar singing “I Love Trash” 

Ø      Ernie singing “Rubber Duckie”

Ø      Kermit singing “It’s Not Easy Being Green”                

Ø      King of Eight

Ø      “Sing” with Bob                                      

Ø      Alligator King

Ø      Ladybug Picnic                                        

Ø      Johnny Cash singing with “Nasty Dan” with Oscar

Ø      Grover singing “Around, Through, Over, Under” …and much, much more! (end announcement)

I'm hoping for Smokey Robinson singing with the letter U. And my kids are WAY past ''Sesame'' age.

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