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Super Bowl Notebook

By admin Published: February 1, 2009

What looked like a so-so game went great in the fourth quarter. Some good ads (Hulu, the NBC "Feelin' Alright" promo) but not a lot. Terrific halftime from Springsteen. Fine National Anthem from Jennifer Hudson. Notes made while watching the game, after the jump ...

I was reading up on Aphra Behn and other things for a class and so skipped most of the pregame show. No big loss. Got on in time for Jennifer Hudson's National Anthem. A little screechy but she still kicked overall.

Nice NBC commercial to "Feelin' Alright." Joe Cocker, ladies and gentlemen!

One of NBC's sideline reporters looks to be asleep -- while talking. And hazy about F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Is this America or what: A general tossing the coin in a football game.

Our accompanying snacks: Carrots, celery, chunks of cheese, crackers, ranch dip, pizza rolls.

Arizona challenges Roethlisberger getting in the end zone. Commercials! Bud Light, eh. "Angels & Demons," not out until May. Jason Statham for Audi, fancy but not really memorable.

Slo-mo replays. Arizona challenge successful. Pittsburgh takes the field goal, leads 3-0.

The Dylan/ ad for Pepsi. "Forever Young." Vintage Dylan footage. I like the Belushi/Jack Black split screen.

Bizarre Doritos ad, although hey, this is a guys' event; can't go wrong with a comical crotch-hit.

I suppose I should have made some kind of prediction in this game. ("My prediction? Pain.") Am an old Steelers fan but also like Kurt Warner. My pregame call was Arizona wins, 31-13, but I just want a good game.

Conan for Bud Light. Semi-funny. "Year One," not until June. Very ordinary Toyota commercial. Promos: halftime, Chuck 3D, then Al Michaels promotes halftime.

First quarter ends with Pittsburgh close to another score. Maybe I should go back to studying.

But first, commercials. Potato Heads for Bridgestone tires. Not impressed. "Fast & Furious" ad, saw it before. Grease monkeys for Castrol. Enh. "Medium" promo.

Some football, then Will Ferrell, Matt Lauer, "Land of the Lost." One of the cheesiest TV series ever made.Doritos, lingerie, money ... OK, good finish. (Would have been better if they hadn't felt compelled to show the guy not dead.), have seen the Danica-shower clip about a million times.

Back to the game, Pittsburgh bulls in for a touchdown, no challenge this time. 10-0.

Mayhem for Pepsi Max. Pedigree, ho-hum. Wait, Clydesdales! But so-so. "Heroes" promo.

Kickoff. More Clydesdale, in love with a dancing horse. I would have been more impressed if the horses had danced. "Star Trek," May. I'm ready NOW!!

Cardinals touchdown. Game on. 10-7.

"G" ad. Yawn. Very nice ad. NBC Monday-shows promo.

Al Michaels says the Cardinals don't get a lot of national television exposure. And whose fault would that be, Al? Hmmmmm, maybe the people who run national television?

Hyundai ad, enh. eTrade talking babies, more enh. Promo for commercials. Yes, a promo for commercials.

"Up." I do like Pixar's work. A ho-hum Bud Light ad. Another halftime promo.

After an Arizona interception, H&R Block helps Death. Talking flowers for Teleflora. NFL promo. United Way PSA. Promo for Leno's prime-time show. Halftime promo. I hear that this fella Springsteen is pretty good. Big with the kids.

Timeout: Cheetos. Fair.

Pittsburgh interception, [James Harrison of Akron, Kent State for college] run back for a touchdown, but there's a flag. Still, the touchdown counts. The longest play in Super Bowl history, says Al. Now a question of whether he gets in. Play is reviewed. Time is expired. Craziness. Numerous video replays. While NBC is showing replays, there's a signal of a touchdown on the field. Kick of extra point actually gets to be on television. 17-7, Pittsburgh.

NBC sleepyhead stirs herself enough to talk to Arizona coach as he leaves the field.

The 3D gimmick. Enjoy it among yourselves. I always have problem with 3D glasses over mine.

Was it fun? Chatter among NBC's guys. Sprint Roadies. NFL Network.

Good spot for "Heroes." If the show had been that good this season, I would have kept watching.

I love Bruce. Knee drops! I hate the fake audiences next to the stage for these things, but Bruce deserves all adulation. Dan Patrick said on his radio show that Springsteen rehearsed numerous times in a pouring rain to make sure he had it down. And he does.

"Tenth Avenue Freezeout," "Born to Run," I am content. "Working on a Dream" is OK, too. And then, "Glory Days." Splendid. Love to see Bruce and Steve bantering. "I'm going to Disneyland" -- nice finish. Hmmm, haven't seen Bruce in concert in awhile. Might be time. ...

Toyota truck ad. Letdown after Bruce. Shatner for Priceline. Don't care. Carlos Boozer for, more snooze. Universal Studios, yawn. NBC promo, "LMAO" syndrome, enh. Chatter, then Progressive.

So far, good game, great halftime, mostly bleh ads. Local spots.

After it appears that Harrison forces what looks like another turnover, Coca-Cola ad, lots of gimmicks but not much interest. Bridgestone on another planet. Denny's ad, might be old, but it was a little funny. More And we are back, and there is a challenge of the play, and Michaels is saying it will probably be reversed. And so it is. Incomplete pass instead of turnover.

The immigrant Clydesdale. OK, we've worn out the whole horse gimmick. The new "Race to Witch Mountain," with the Rock continuing to appeal to his family-comedy following. "Office" promo.

Cuba Gooding Jr., in the stands; Michaels reminisces about "Jerry Maguire," neglects to plug Cuba's upcoming TV-movie. Which is not on any of the NBC family of networks.

Cardinals crumbling, big penalties help Pittsburgh drive. But it still ends with a field goal. 20-7.

OK, cool "Transformers" ad. And the ad wasn't bad -- although this doesn't feel like the time for anyone to be job-hunting. Another "Heroes" promo. All right, it's coming back. I won't be there.

Very elaborate Coca-Cola ad. Impressive visuals, and I might even watch it again. Frosted Flakes. Conan.

End of third quarter. NFL spot. Pizza Hut lasagna. Chase Bank. Pro Football Hall of Fame. American Family Insurance. Subway. Zzzzzzzz. A little bit of game. Chuck 3D promo. University of Akron.

The Miller 1-second ad. "High life," and out. Efficient.

McDonald's. Pro Bowl promo. "Celebrity Apprentice" promo.

Ah, Madden: "If you can be a head coach at any age, you can be one when you're a young head coach."

Hyundai. The Coke Zero Mean-Joe-Greene update, Not bad. with Ed McMahon and MC Hammer. "My gold hip replacement." Ed is soooooo old. "Medium" promo.

Vizio ad. Taco Bell ad. GE spot, "If I Only Had a Brain," slightly cute. But if you're claiming a record dollar amount in Super Bowl ads, should you get to count ads placed by your owner?

Fabulous catch by Fitzgerald in the end zone, gap narrows to 20-14.

Alec Baldwin for Hulu. I love Hulu. And I like this ad. Then the "Feelin' Alright" promo again. Best ad of the night. Well, so far.

It appears we have a real football game, and a chance for an epic Warner/Fitzgerald moment. But first ... GE on wind energy. MacGruber for Pepsi -- with a Richard Dean Anderson cameo! Too bad those sketches are so lame.

Wow, after a great moment earlier, Harrison sure didn't help his highlight reel with that roughness call.

And a holding call in the end zone! Safety, closer game. Some kind of bizarre excitement this.

Did I not mention the possibility of an epic Warner/Fitzgerald moment? 23-20, Arizona. Michaels says this would be the biggest comeback in SB history if Arizona holds on for the win.

Another Bud Light ad. Another ad.

And a real football game going on here. And oh my goodness, what a catch by Santonio Holmes (Ohio State). 27-23, Pittsburgh, and enough time for some more drama.

Great "Oh, no" shot of Cardinals player (Fitzgerald?). Last desperate Cardinals drive, no luck, Steelers win.

I asked for a good game. I got a great fourth quarter. And that's enough. "This is the way football should be played," says Madden.

Don't forget to watch "The Office."

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